Just wanted to drop you a note on how the Custom GA12Fret is working out for me.


Like I said before I bought it, I’ve got plenty of nice Taylors, 914CE (which was my favorite), K26CE, Ltd Edition Cocabola/Boxcar, GSMini, 810 and a T5. I was intrigued when I read that the 12 Frets are better for fingerpicking, and since my guitar playing style is almost 100% fingerpicking I was excited to look into getting a 12fret. I decided to get a basic instrument without many frills and concentrate my money on getting the Adirondack top and, rather than fancy inlays, etc.


So based on your suggestion of going with the Tasmanian Blackwood with Adi top and bracing with a solid headstock, Gotoh tuners that suited me fine. I’ve had the guitar for well over 6 months now and it has “opened up” nicely. It turns out that the loudness and bass of the guitar are exceptional. I play it 90% of the time now and it’s now my favorite of all the others. I still play them, but the 12 fret gets the most attention.


I appreciate the help you gave me in making my decision to go with the Tasmanian Blackwood back and Adi top/bracing. This was the second time I’d purchased a Taylor without playing it. The first was with a BTO 8 string Baritone, which turned out to be a bad decision on my end, since my playing style was not conducive to the 8 string. I sold that guitar after a few years. Fortunately, the 12 Fret purchase was a great one.


I had not heard of them making a Grand Auditorium 12 Fret prior to talking with you. I do favor the Grand Auditorium body and having Taylor make a custom 12 Fret version only added to my purchasing experience.


Thanks for you work and taking time to discuss all of the issues and pros/cons of the variations on the Taylor.




Ron Vermilye

Columbia, SC

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