Policies, Terms & Conditions

Every company has them.  We do to.  Ours are right here, up-front, in plain language:


Trial Period: We want you to have time to enjoy the instrument in the comfort of your home and at your convenience, and will accommodate that in every way possible, but we cannot afford to lose money on an instrument. To ensure that we are able to continue to offer goods and services along with great prices, ALL returns of non-defective items MUST be returned in entirely new condition. Any lesser condition will be deducted from the merchandise credit along with the costs of shipping and insurance for that instrument. Although it is industry standard these days to include shipping in the purchase price, we will require that you reimburse us our actual costs in the even that you feel you must return the instrument.


Returns: Instruments may be sent back, returned for in-store credit within one week, providing that we have been informed in writing of your intent to do so within 3 days of receipt of that instrument. The cost of shipping and insurance is the customer's responsibility and will be deducted from the credit. Merchandise credit can be applied to a similar or more expensive instrument, but refunds will not be issued unless the instrument is defective and we are unable to acquire another.


Special Orders and Cancellations: Any special order is generally not eligible for return unless the merchandise is defective. Special Orders can be cancelled until such time that we are unable to cancel the order with our supplier, subject to a 10% fee on orders under $1800 and a 7% fee on orders over $1800. This is because we are ordering merchandise which we ourselves would not otherwise carry or invest in. If it is an item which, in our sole opinion, we can resell without significant difficulty, we may, at our discretion, waive the cancellation fees. Once we are no longer able to cancel the order with our suppliers, there is no return right unless the item arrives defective.


Custom (BTO) Instruments: No order for a custom instrument will be placed until at least 50% of the negotiated retail price of that instrument has been paid to us, and the customer has signed off on the build sheet, confirming that the details are as the customer desires. Once the order has been accepted by the manufacturer, it cannot be cancelled. By that point, the manufacturer already has considerable time and efforts invested in the acceptance process, so please be certain that the Build Sheet is accurate before signing off on it.


Separability: Should any portion of our terms of service and conditions of sale be deemed unlawful by a court of law, the remainder of them shall remain in force.These Terms and Conditions supersede any other verbal agreement which may have been made or implied, unless the variance is provided in writing along with your purchase receipt and signed by the Managing Member of the corporation. 


We apologize for the formalities of these policies. They are necessary to preserve our ability to provide the highest standards of service and merchandise to all of our customers. Your patronage is greatly appreciated here at Extraordinary Acoustics!

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