Extraordinary Acoustics
is the culmination of decades of experience with acoustic guitars -- a lifelong journey that I began when I was about 9 years old. influenced by a grade school teacher and, in hindsight, my grandfather's playing. 

In my teen years, I'd visit guitar stores, play instruments I was certain (as were the store owners) that I could never afford.  But I was respectful and passionate, and they let me play them anyway.  

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to meet and play with some true legends, to be nurtured and taught by some amazing musicians and artists.  Each of them has had a hand in the man I am today, and the understandings I have of guitars, how and why they work, etc.  

Perhaps the single biggest influences in my life, though, have been Bob Taylor, Andy Powers, and Eric Sakimoto.  Taylor Guitars aren't new to me.  I got my first Taylor, a Dreadnaught, back in 1980.  Over the years, conversations with Bill Collings and musings on why K. Yairi made certain choices, these also formed my perspective.   

I also owe a thank-you to Gracewinds for suggesting I do this in the first place.  Without all of these people, and some awesome customers, Extraordinary Acoustics wouldn't exist.  I don't know for certain what I'd be doing for a living, but I know that this very special store wouldn't be here.  

Mission statement? To bring the very best guitars -- all things considered -- to my customers, to provide them with the expertise by which I can help them find exactly the right instrument for their wants and needs, and to help them get the best fair deal possible on it -- whether they buy it from me or not.  I've been very pleased to have helped a lot of people do just that through Gracewinds.  Now with Extraordinary Acoustics as my own, I hope to do a lot more of that... and I hope you'll be one of those customers, whether you can come in to visit or we do it all online and over the phone.   


You have my word that you'll always get the honest truth and advice, whether it lines my pocket or not.  


John Taylor 


May 18, 2018

Philomath, OR

To the left, at the Taylor factory in June 2016.  Below, in the warehouse on that same trip.

At left, NAMM Jan 2018, checking out a custom Taylor at the pre-show dealer event.

Above, talking with Andy Powers, at left, Bob Taylor and yours trulyl both from NAMM Jan 2018 

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