Brian Tessari - Ft. Collins, CO.


I have to tell everyone looking for a guitar to STOP AND READ THIS. It is important!


I bought a special edition 914ce sassafras from John Taylor a year ago and LOVE it! I have always felt I got a great deal on it and have stayed in contact with John ever since.


NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART...I have been looking for the perfect 12 fret ever since I hastily bought a Les Paul standard to find I am not a electric guy. John continued to educate and show me all the options he has. My heart was set on the new special edition 812 from NAMM. John, not having exactly what I wanted, not only checked into seeing if he could acquire one to sell me, but directed me to a dealer close to where I live to see if they had one...(WHAT??)...They had 2.


He talked me though what would be a good deal should I try to purchase from them. Turns out, They where great to work with and the deal was exactly what I wanted darn near to the dime!


THIS IS WHY YOU BUY FROM A GUY LIKE JOHN. He would rather help customers get what they want and sacrifice the almighty dollar than do anything else. You can trust everything this man says and be confident that you have found the right place to buy.


I will continue to go to John for everything I can and personally advocate for him and his business relentlessly.




Actually, Brian, you, and my other customers are the best.  You make it easy and I'm glad to be able to be of service and earn your continued business!

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